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B.Green Technology Co., Ltd. | Aussteller auf der imm cologne 2020

B.Green Technology Co., Ltd.

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B.Green Technology Co., Ltd.
Ln. 76, Anxi St. 40
50447 Xiushui Township
+886 4 7688808
+886 4 7688033
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Unternehmen und Produkte


Bgreen Sport Furniture

Could you imagine if your bed and sofa at home were able to do exercise for you? Bgreen Sport Furniture makes exercise much easier, especially for people who are lazy, busy, unable or have no space to exercise.

Exercise is the fundamental way to maintain healthy. Although we know that exercise is beneficial, traditional exercising methods couldn’t conform to humanity which makes it hard to persist. With the boom of technology, our exercising time and space are limited accordingly.

For this reason, Bgreen team puts much effort studying numerous international clinical researches of health promotion from worldwide. After decades of development, we finally come out with the product “Sport Furniture” which integrates medical technology and furniture design into single equipment. It’s a non-invasive health solution and the benefits to our body have been proved by many doctors and experts.


Sport Furniture is the most innovative and functional product nowadays. Awarded with patents from worldwide, bgreen is the pioneer brand of sport furniture. We also solved the problems that may happen during the exercise which includes safety, exercise adherence, energy saving and noise problems. That way, you could enjoy doing exercise in a quiet environment.

We show people that it is more than a piece of furniture, but a health guardian of your whole family for the lifetime.

bgreen products : uSofa Sport Fitness Sofa / uChair Stress Relief Exercise Chair / uBed WBPA Bed / WBVV Equipment /All-Purpose Stress Relief Pillow/Relegs Leg Rest Pillow