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Ecus Sleep S.L.U. | Aussteller auf der imm cologne 2020

Ecus Sleep S.L.U.

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Ecus Sleep S.L.U.
Carretera Valencia s/n
30510 Yecla
Postfach 198
30510 Yecla
+34 671083786
+34 968 790689
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Unternehmen und Produkte


The Senttix LAB series

Products made to recover as fast as possible. Designed for dynamic lifestyles that squeeze every second of the day, for those who carry out professional or physical activities that requires great efforts. 19

The Senttix LAB series is made up of three modern design mattresses that offer product customization and include new and exclusive features such as "Warm-up".

Warm-up is a new product based on Celliant technology that allows you to choose in which specific area of the mattress you want to place the Warm-Up and get extra help in muscle recovery (tired legs, lumbar pains, etc.).

Senttix LAB series also includes the first self-articulating mattress on the market, the one and only mattress that can articulate itself on any base, without bed base support.

With this option, available for all Lab series mattresses, we have introduced a light mechanism inside the mattress that makes it a real adjustable mattress.

Now you can adjust your mattress independently to different positions.

Inside there is an hybrid technology that combines thousands of pocket springs at the base with the adaptability of the termal Watergel foam on the top.

Finally, the fabric: Xtra-Cool Ultimate Exclusive Fabric to keep the sleep surface always cool. The combination of fibers with cooling properties with 3D mesh, allows an optimal breathability to get a cool, dry and hygienic sleep.