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Jela Jagodina d.o.o. | Aussteller auf der imm cologne 2020

Jela Jagodina d.o.o.

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Jela Jagodina d.o.o.
Kablovska bb
35000 Jagodina
+381 35 240860
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Unternehmen und Produkte


Piano – the modular system of bedrooms

A modular system of modern designed items, coated with UV lacquer in Crystal white or Beige high gloss, easily fit into different interior styles. The new technology of UV lacquering provides four time higher wear resistance compared to standard lacquering and high-gloss up to 99,7%. A good wardrobe is characterized with remarkable design and useful details, in order to make the use of it easier. Piano sliding wardrobes easily fit into large ambiances, but also into small bedroom spaces. Modularity gives us endless freedom for creating our own living space. Piano wardrobes, with a plenty of additional equipment, as well as with soft-close mechanisms which enables the door to slide slowly and close quietly and completely, provide additional comfort in everyday use. Our wide range of UV lacquered commodes in high gloss includes soft-close sliders and hinges for soft, quiet drawer and door closing. The bed coated with high-gloss UV lacquer, with upholstered headrest and chrome legs in combination with two or three drawer night stand are always modern and stylish. Our modular solutions are always in line with your preferences.

Piano – the modular system of living rooms

Piano is a versatile modular system that offers configurations for equipping various rooms in your home, from the hallway, dining room and living-room to the study and bedroom of your home. All units are UV lacquered in high-gloss of the latest technology, with four time higher resistance to wear compared with standard lacquering of surfaces. The wide choice and modularity of the items simplifies individual planning and provides endless solutions, tailored to your style and living room space. Crystal white or beige in high gloss and high-quality finishing with UV lacquering interpret the functional needs of a modern home with an original style. The Piano program is charaterized by refined aestetic details: chrome handles and feet, stopsol glass and LED ambience lighting. This collection consists of 16 TV stands, 12 showcases, 9 commodes, 4 wall items and 3 coffee tables.

Hallway - Rio

This collection consists of hallway cupboard, shoe cabinet, coat rack, commode with seating cushion and mirror. Chrome handles, adjustable feet and soft-close integrated hinges and hidden sliders are included in the unit prices. Functionality of hallway cupboard RIO-V1 could be upgraded with pair of additional shelves and mounting mirror RIO-MO. Practical and functional items stand out not only for their quality, but also their beauty and elegance. All units are UV lacquered in high-gloss of the latest technology, with four time higher wear resistance compared with standard lacquering of surfaces. Simple, minimalist surfaces, covered with beige UV lacquer, give a feeling of peace and warmth at the very entrance to your home.