Köln: 17.–23.01.2022 #immcologne

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Lind DNA | Aussteller auf der imm cologne 2020

Lind DNA

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Lind DNA
Hasselager Alle 15
8260 Aarhus
+45 31122926
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Unternehmen und Produkte

The design inspiration for this coffee table is not to be mistaken - the classic record player. The table is minimalistic, aesthetic and easy to place where ever you want.

The table has a reversible mat in OEKO-TEX certified recycled leather on its top plate, making it easy to change the look of your table as the leather mat has different colors on each side. Choose among a variety of leather and color combinations and personalize the expression of your table as you wish. The beautiful and functional aluminum jewel in the middle ensures the leather mat is kept in place and does not slid. The jewel is also available in brass, which changes the overall design expression again.

PICK-UP table is designed and produced in Denmark and the top plate of the PICK-UP table is available in two different diameters. The steel frame is made of black powder-coated steel, and the top plate is made of aluminum.


The indoor bench from LIND DNA is designed and produced in Denmark of durable, solid materials. The combination of European steel, European wool, recycled leather, brass and aluminum highlights the shapes and lines. The design is inspired by minimalistic, Scandinavian interior design. Simple, intuitive and beautiful.

The black steel frame is fittet with a reversible, hand stitched cushion with recycled leather on one side and wool on the other side. This feature gives you the opportunity to change the expression of the bench, just by flipping the cusion. As an extra detail the bench has two jewels ensuring the cushion is kept in place and does not slid. The jewels are available in aluminum or brass and they just add that extra touch of aesthetics to the design. 

The bench comes in two different lengths, that fit anywhere in your home, in the entrance, at the end of a bed or simply as statement piece alone.