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Matis-Mebl d.o.o | Aussteller auf der imm cologne 2020

Matis-Mebl d.o.o

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Matis-Mebl d.o.o
Industrijska bb
22400 Ruma
+381 22479179
+381 22479179
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Unternehmen und Produkte



MATIS GROUP - Our company is the country and regional leader in terms of production and distribution of furniture,  with our unique capacity to be the only company in Balkans producing  independently all categories of furniture for  the complete home furnishing.

     Our group consists of four production groups, integrated into successful and stable business system. Each group is equipped with own modern manufacturing plants managed by experienced and skilled professionals.  MATIS GROUP consists of:

MATIS-production group with core competence in serial production of panel furniture, Matis Mebl - production group with core competences in serial production of upholstered furniture, MatisWOOD production group with core competences in serial production of solid wood furniture, MatisSan production group with core competences in serial production of mattresses, pillows and Boxspring beds.

We are established in 1991. when we started working in distribution of raw materials in furniture  industry. Since than we have developed our network of distribution centers that ensured ours table position on domestic market as well as the tendency of growth expansion on regional markets.                                                                            .



5 chipboard  furniture serial production lines in Ivanjica

3 upholstered furniture serial production lines  in Ruma

4 solid wood furniture serial production lines in Ivanjica

3  mattresses serial production lines in Ivanjica

AREA: 65000m2 of production and warehouse capacities

RETAIL: 5 retail stores in the country and abroad

EXPORT:  3 partner companies and more than 30 distributers abroad

FRANCHISE:  7 franchises and more than 150 retail distributers  in the country

NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES:  More than 1200 employees, with the average of 30 years of age

TECHNOLOGY:  CNC/  machines with computerized control systems