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Muubs A/S | Aussteller auf der imm cologne 2020

Muubs A/S

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Muubs A/S
Orebygaardvej 9
7400 Herning
+45 9626 0330
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Space Dining Table

Room for the people you love. The Space Dining Table from Muubs is made from authentic,smoked oak. TheDanish team Says Who are the designers behind the round, dark oak table.

A round dining table has many advantages; it takes up less space than a rectangular table, and creates an intimate atmosphere when guests gather around it, allowing everyone to talk in a comfortable setting and
maintain eye contact.

At MUUBS, we believe in making durable products, which age gracefully. The Space Tables are no exception. They are both beautiful and durable.

Perfectly builtto last as the center of everyday life in the modern family, as well as functioning as the graceful gathering point for guests.When well cared for, Space Dining Tables will lastfor many years.

The table is available in different diametersfor either five or eight people. The bigger table can be extended with a single extension leaf, which can be purchased separately, to make room for even more people at the

When the Space Table is pulled from each side, to make room in the middle for the extension leaf, the table becomes an oval. The Space dining tables are designed with a simple pull-out and rail system that makes it
easy for you to add or remove the extension leaf, making room for more company.