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Sunsit B.V. | Aussteller auf der imm cologne 2020

Sunsit B.V.

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Sunsit B.V.
De Ring 1
+31 736840502
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SUNS Kota sofa set: You Create!

If you ask us, the time that manufacturers decide what customers should like, is definitely behind us. That’s why SUNS brings attractive modular outdoor furniture under the motto: You Create!


Modular it is!

In 2020 SUNS offers an array of modular lounge sets. With these sets, consumers can choose from a variety of elements - such as seats, chaise longues, corners, (side)tables, armrests and backrests - and create their ideal set-up. A large lounge corner hosting friends and family or an intimate daybed for ultimate relaxation.  


Kota convenience

SUNS Kota is exemplary for the SUNS modular approach. The ingeniously designed frame (in robust industrial aluminium with natural teak) offers numerous options for customization. Need extra space? Just add a seating element. Not into corner set-ups? Choose separate sofas. Summer-reader? Plug-in a chaise longue. And a lower or higher side tables provide convenience for drinks, bites and tablets. Moreover, the choice in materials and coloring makes matches with other products from the SUNS Collections easy and style-proof.


Uncompromising quality

SUNS understands quality is key for outdoor furniture. SUNS puts in decennia of experience and high-end materials to provide customers with products that bring optimum comfort and last for years, even under various weather conditions. Seats are geared with rapid drying foams, which have an open cell structure that drain-off water easily and ensure optimal air circulation. Fabrics are weather resistant, UV-proof, slow down the formation of mildew and are colorfast.

The combination with natural materials - such as teak - gives SUNS products an extra warm appearance.


Worldwide Brand

SUNS has its headquarters in The Netherlands linking to the outstanding level of Dutch design. The brand produces and delivers its products all over the world. Find out more at: hello-suns.com


You can find us at the IMM 2020 in hall 10.2, stand K013