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ZUIVER B.V. | Aussteller auf der imm cologne 2020


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Sustainable Thirsty chair family

At Zuiver, we are very much aware of the impact today’s industries have on both the planet and those living on it. As a front-runner in the furniture design field, we feel it’s our responsibility to continually explore alternative materials and production methods through innovation. As our first step towards building a more sustainable future, we’re pleased to unveil the ‘Thirsty’ chair family, a series of dining chairs made of 60-100 upcycled PET bottles, at IMM.

Designed in collaboration with Amsterdam-based APE Studio, shell of each Thirsty chair is made from 60-100 bottles of upcycled PET. The chairs are manufactured in China; the same country as were the bottles are collected. China is a country with a huge plastic waste problem, the country is in the top-3 of countries that produces the most plastic waste. The name of the design refers to the sheer volume of bottles that are needed for every chair’s production. The frame is made of powder-coated steel, and both materials are 100% recyclable and renewable.

Thirsty is available with and without armrests and in four different colours. The Thirsty chair series is in stores now!

Thirsty for more!

In 2018, Zuiver sold over 350,000 products worldwide. Every product we design and sell has connection to natural resources. We feel we have a responsibility towards the future of our planet and its resources; to minimise our environmental and social footprint. Zuiver believes that we can achieve the biggest positive impact if we use different materials for our products. Materials that have less impact on our earth’s resources. Materials that are fully renewable. Materials that last from generation to generation and prove there is an alternate route.

In fact, our brand got its name from the Dutch word for “pure”; and it’s with a pure sensibility that we begin our journey towards a more sustainable future, a journey without a final destination.