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Lien A Co., Ltd. | Aussteller auf der imm cologne 2020

Lien A Co., Ltd.

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Lien A Co., Ltd.
181 Nguyen Van Troi, W.10 Phu Nhuan Dist.
700000 Ho Chi Minh City
+84 2838 777999
+84 2838 778952
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Unternehmen und Produkte


Oval Cloud

The natural elasticity of 100% natural latex pillows allows easier movements at night. This translates into a refreshing night’s sleep and improved blood circulation. The pillows are soft to the touch, the support increases as you sink. It’s naturally perforated, made of millions of tiny interconnecting open cells for breathing and heat dissipation, preventing any moisture buildup throughout the night, so you can get the deepest sleep, night after night. It has natural anti-fungal and bacterial properties and is therefore dust-mite resistant.

Lien’A is one of the world’s largest 100% natural latex pillow manufacturers and is willing to invest in new custom pillow moulds.

Our 100% natural latex pillows are tested to lose only 4 % height and firmness over 10 years of usage, by far exceeding in durability than any other type of pillows.

Oval Cloud is one of the premium pillows in our Oval series. It comes with a larger number of smaller pinholes for superior airflow and breathability. It offers a soft and resilient response to help ensure restful sleep. Designed with a softer center to cradle your head and a firmer perimeter to support your neck, a perfect balance of comfort and support.

Lien’A is committed to sourcing only responsibly harvested natural latex and is FSC 100% and GOLS certified.

Natural Latex Topper

The best mattresses in the world are made with 100 % natural rubber polymers.

No other material comes close in terms of comfort, breathability, resilience, motion isolation, durability, support and even biodegradability. It makes a superior comfort and support layer in a mattress.

Cores are produced in various firmness options, ranging from plush to extra firm.

Latex toppers bring the gentle conformability and pressure relief to the surface of the mattress. Our continuous process guarantees that all of our products are one piece with no vertical glue seams or lamination. This ensures uniform consistent feel across the entire surface of the mattress. No firm spots, soft spots, or inconsistent feels – they feel just right.

Toppers are available in thicknesses from 2.5 cm to 10 cm.
• Are Eco certified to be free of harmful chemicals;
• Production occurs near the plantations where the latex liquid is harvested.

This prevents the need for additional chemicals to stabilize the latex liquid during transportation;

Our current latex collection comprises:
• 100% natural latex
• C. Fusion 100% natural latex
• Ultra low protein 100% natural latex
• FSC 100% certified, natural latex
• GOLS certified, natural latex