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Harmont Ltd. | Aussteller auf der imm cologne 2020

Harmont Ltd.

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Harmont Ltd.
Yambolen 12
8600 Yambol
+359 46 662637
+359 46 662638
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Unternehmen und Produkte


The new Boxspring Bed ADELIN

For more than 20 years we at Harmont have been working for the satisfaction of our customers and have been writing their home history with them. A story that has become ours, becoming part of what allows us to look forward with optimism, offering personalized solutions for every individual.

Today at Harmont we take the best of the past to write the present and welcome the future.

With this spirit, we create the new Boxspring Bed models while reinforcing our brand commitment to lead the revolution in quality sleep, thanks to ADELE MOTOR BOXSPRING BED, which changes ideas and technologies.

As diverse as the needs of each individual and every family, this is our driving force. Here you can make an individual combination of backgammon and fabric.

We reinforce our dedication to improving space and sleep, in which, as always, you are the most important.

The new Boxspring Bed ADELIN can found place in every home, offering a revolutionary new sense of comfort. It is particularly suitable for people who love design, inspired by city life. The small items are duly stored in a safe place in the built-in drawers. We have focused on the smallest detail to deliver a unique design.

Choose the most appropriate fabric and color that will suit your interior, the hardness of the both mattresses, the shape of the headboard and attractive legs.

Whatever your preferences can be, you can find a variety of designer solutions for your bedroom, among which you can choose the one that suits your needs best.

Practical, aesthetic and comfortable finish for each bedroom.

Be daring, show your individual style. Choose the dashboard that will fit perfectly into your home.

In practice - partners who together create an attractive design and give an elegant end to the bedroom.

Everyone's personal belongings need a place in the bedroom and they finally find it.