Köln: 17.–23.01.2022 #immcologne

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LARB Spotka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnoscia Spotka komandytowa | Aussteller auf der imm cologne 2020

LARB Spotka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnoscia Spotka komandytowa

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LARB Spotka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnoscia Spotka komandytowa
Metalowców 13
41-500 Chrozów
+48 322287118
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At CustomForm we say, that it is the art of making the right choices. We make such choices every day. It is not only our job, but also a passion and challenge. Exactly here, at our Furniture Manufactory, at our world of unique solutions and unparalleled solutions we create for you our unrepeatable offer. We believe that man has a natural need for beauty within, and what follows – a need to surround himself with beautiful items. Tasteful interiors are something more than just nicely looking rooms. It is the first step to be at peace, balanced and in harmony with you. You work better and leisure better in a tasteful interior. Relax, freedom of thoughts, the feel of aesthetic, perfection – it is easier to understand those notions at CustomForm. It is also easier to make a good choice. We warmly welcome You!

Just sit down on the armchair Zero. A smooth line, a comfortable seat, a minimalist form, elegance and balance. Ideal for relaxation, equally good for work, nice and modern - this is our designer armchair - Zero. From Zero to hero. Put it in the living room, in the office or the waiting room - anywhere you want it becomes a hero. It is well built and subtle, so it fits the classic arrangement. Elegant, so it provides interiors with character. Aesthetic, so it will appeal to everyone. And finally - it is really comfortable. Will you expect something more from a hero... I mean from a armchair?