Köln: 17.–23.01.2022 #immcologne

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ONDARRETA mesas y sillas SL | Aussteller auf der imm cologne 2020

ONDARRETA mesas y sillas SL

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ONDARRETA mesas y sillas SL
Zuaznabar Kalea 83
20180 Ugaldetxo
+34 943 490301
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Hari, the result of a new collaboration between Ondarreta and the Spanish design atelier estudi{H}ac. A new collection, with chairs, stools and lounge pieces, with an industrial touch inspired by textile looms and a subtle and elegant feel inspired by delicate sewing thread.The combination of materials, wood, upholstered, steel and polypropylene, used for the seat and back, makes

Hari a collection with a unique personality. All of this allows us to create a series of seats with expressiveness and appearance, which will flawlessly integrate in any space. From the most subtle combination, to the most expressive and colourful one, with the soft curves of the seat, and the
simplicity of a steel tubular frame Hari is a recognizable timeless piece.

In 2003, José Manuel Ferrero founded estudi{H}ac to give life to all the ideas that appeared unceasingly in his head and in just 16 years he has turned his design workshop into a national and international reference. The passion he puts into his work is evident from the very beginning.
Discreet, cultured, elegant and immensely creative, for Ferrero design is a way of life that keeps the mind fully active in terms of creativity. We could say that the British term “bespoke” is the dogma that governs each of the Valencian businessman’s designs, as he creates pieces and elements
tailored to each project.