Köln: 17.–23.01.2022 #immcologne

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Seriplighting LDA | Aussteller auf der imm cologne 2020

Seriplighting LDA

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Seriplighting LDA
Rua Padre Costa 1042
4465-107 S. Mamede de Infesta
+351 214933045
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Naher & Mittlerer Osten
Sonst. Osteuropa
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Unternehmen und Produkte


Voa Collection by Serip

Voa Collection by Serip

Inspired by Portuguese soul and a dramatic game of shadows and light This marvellous species of swallows known as “Hirundo Rustica” presents spectacular ballets where they paint the skies like ballerinas. Their funnel-shaped bodies are also a Portuguese icon, which translates our soul in movements and shapes. The unfindable configurations that they perform allow this singular collection to create beautiful visual compositions. Either in suspension or standing on the walls, they create a dramatic game of shadows and light.


About Serip

Founded in 1961, Serip creates sculptures inspired in nature, resulting in pieces of decoration and lighting that stand out by the minute attention to detail. The design combined with the product quality are the key factors in the success of the brand in the international ground.

Serip is a luxury Portuguese brand that is specialized in lighting with a unique design inspired by nature.

With a strong presence in the international grounds, Serip exports for more than 60 countries on five continents. England, the United States, China and the United Arab Emirates, are the countries where the brand has the greatest impact.

With a high standard of quality, it gives primacy to the crafting process and uses few mechanical resources, which translates into distinct and unique pieces, using noble materials such as bronze and glass.

Inspiration in nature is evident in the Serip collections, which recreate an organic style in their pieces, immortalizing the essence of the natural world in a pure state.

The possibility of numerous combinations of finishes, as well as the creation of projects that fits the spaces, means that the lighting produced by Serip has its own distinctive character.